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Learning at Home Level 3 from 17th August

by Puhinui School

Kia ora Whanau

This week we continue in Level 3. Please be advised we will be posting home learning on our website early Monday morning. There will be a variety of learning tasks set for students. We will continue to separate these into Junior, Middle and Senior sections.


We appreciate that families have varying views on how much learning you would like your children to do. Some families will expect a lot of learning and some families are comfortable with a little amount. We believe you know best and this is an individual family choice.


From Tuesday hard packs will be made available for those who would prefer them. We will leave these out on a table by the Grayson Ave school entrance gate. Please come by and collect at any time on Tuesday through to the end of Wednesday. Please take care to handle individual packs and not rummage through them. Sanitiser will be available, please use before and after picking packs up. Please practise safe distancing if there are other parents picking packs up. Hard packs will be divided in 3 piles Junior, Middle and Senior.


A reminder communication will come mainly via email and the school website. Learning will be posted on the website throughout Level 3 at regular intervals. The MOE also has a very good page full of good learning sites. We would also like to encourage families to take the opportunity to utilise everyday activities as learning experiences, cooking, games and sharing family stories are all good examples of this.


Lastly, we would like to support the government’s request for people to use QR codes as we go to the various places we visit. Please download the app and use it when you come to school. We have the QR set up at the gates and the office. When we move to level 2 we will especially be keen for parents to use the app at school. Please visit the website https://tracing.covid19.govt.nz/?r=link to learn how to download the app.


Thank you parents,

We hope you stay safe and remain positive during Level 3, together we can do this!

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