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by Dion Tia

Junior School - Home Learning Term 2
Learning at home
Juniors T1 W8

Dear Parents/ Caregivers
Here are some suggested activities for this week.  Keep it fun, keep it positive, have breaks and enjoy family time.  Here is a link for all general curriculum areas www.learningfromhome.govt.nz 

  • Draw a picture and write a story about one of the following
    •  Your first days at home
    • Going on a bug hunt 
    • Your favourite toy
  • Listen to the story ‘Lunch for Greedy Cat’ and talk about what happened in the story


            Password: books2015

Maths Fraction Fun

  1. Draw a rectangle cake onto a piece of paper 
  2. How can you share your cake with 2 toys? What about sharing that cake between 4 toys? Remember to check the pieces are the same size

Sharing is Caring

  1. Get out 12 items of your choice
  2. Share these items equally between 2 people. Now share them between 4 people equally.
  3. Repeat with 16 items
Life Skills
  • Chores- What can you help your family with this week?
    • Make your own bed
    • Help with the dishes
    • Keep your room tidy
  • Fitness
    • 5x  Star jumps
    • 30 seconds: Run on the spot 
    • 5x Touch your toes, then reach up tall 
    • 5 x Squats
    • Repeat the above 3 times
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