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Senior School Outdoor Education Week

by Puhinui School

As most senior school parents know, our outdoor education week is getting closer. By week 9 please make sure you have paid the outdoor education fees. For Y5 students this is $40 and for Y6 students this is $45. The week is subsidised by the school to help keep the costs as low as possible for families. The outdoor education programme is a well established tradition at Puhinui School. It is often one of the most memorable weeks in the students lives. Many ex-pupils talk to us and fondly remember when they participated in outdoor ed week activities. Outdoor ed is full of adventures and excitement for students. They often get pushed outside their comfort zones which can be challenging. On the flip side it gives them an opportunity to learn resilience, to build their self-esteem and overcome obstacles.

Through outdoor ed activities we hopefully help equip students for important life long character traits, while having fun at the same time. In these terms we appreciate that outdoor ed week is an important aspect of each child’s education at Puhinui.

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