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Puhinui School Cross Country 2020

by Puhinui School

What a beautiful day for a race! We were blessed with perfect weather for Puhinui’s annual Cross Country races. The air was buzzing with excitement as the children came down to the back field to take their seating places. Houses are an important part of Puhinui life, with the Y6 leaders taking pride in their roles. 





All children took part in the races, from half a lap of the field for the smallest Puhinui pupils, to two laps of the entire school for our older students. Races were challenging but achievable for everyone. 


Jordan-Ray Paul R23 – age 6

“My favourite part of the day was being in the lead, then someone else took the lead. We were fighting for the lead. Afterwards, I felt happy.”


Roman Rakete R10 – age 7

“I was excited for the challenge and when I saw my mum I felt happy. I ran 2 laps around the field as fast as a racing car and I won!”


Honey William R16 – age 9

“Before the race I felt nervous and excited but I believed in myself. I was proud of everyone because they all tried their best. I also enjoyed the cheering.”


Guneet Shergill R16 age 8

“I felt happy when running cross country because I was proud of my running. When I finished I could hear people cheering me on.”


Mohammed Fawwaz R4 – age 9

“My favourite bit was when I came second place. I was so excited because I have never placed before. I remember when I sped up to chase someone down. I felt really proud of myself.”


Fauzan Sufyan R3 – age 10

“I remember everyone cheering for their house. I am in Blue house and I think we cheered the loudest. I felt nervous before the race and I was hoping I would get a place. I felt exhausted after the course.”


Izaan Mohammed R3 – age 10

“I saw people trying their hardest and sprinting in front of me. I heard everyone cheering for their house. After the 2 laps around the school, I felt like I had accomplished my goal.”

Thanks to all the children, teachers, parents, carers and whanau who came together for such a wonderful day.

To see what Puhinui children are up to, check out @PuhinuiS on twitter.

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